Be The Art

Be The Art Creede

Portland Artist Katrina Zarate makes art - portraits in particular. HBMG Foundation nurtures playwrights specifically through the National Winter Playwrights Retreat. The town of Creede graciously welcomes over 40 playwrights and actors each winter into their tiny community. And that gave us an idea...

HBMG Foundation has invited Katrina to capture a small mountain town - its residents, characters, miners, and thespians with paint. This town that fosters creativity including Creede Repertory Theatre and the National Winter Playwrights Retreat will not only get to see art, applaud art, or make art... they will BE THE ART.

Each winter resident of Creede will have the opportunity to become a work of Art. In Februray 2018 at the annual Cabin Fever days the portraits will be displayed and residents will have the opportunity to purchase their portrait - a pay what they can. All proceeds will go to benefit the National Winter Playwrights Retreat.