What is PETITE a Studios ?

PETITE a STUDIOS is the umbrella under which the artist, writer, performer, sewer, entrepreneur, and over all Renaissance woman Katrina Zarate operates. 

Who is Katrina Zarate ?

Katrina Zarate resides in Portland Oregon and besides a day job, night job, and side job she works hard to do the many projects that inspire and spark her.  Always open to a new adventure and not afraid to get her hands dirty she thrives off chasing her obsessions and creating a life that is full to the brim. 

What does PETITE a mean ?

For those of you not well versed in psychoanalysis (and by no stretch of the imagination am I am expert) the term "PETITE a" comes from Lacan, a very old, very white, and very confusing french man in whose lectures the term "objet petite a" was crafted. So what is the "objet petite a"? In the simplest of language it is the object of unattainable desire sought for in the Other. It was meant to be written as an equation, like solving for x in algebra, and seemed like the perfect way to describe in one phrase all the projects that I am driven to do. I was told once by a much loved and respected professor to "follow my obsessions" and well I guess i took that piece of advice to heart. As a result I am constantly solving for "objet petite a" whether it is writing, painting, sewing, performing, or just working my ass off on something that inspires me I am always hot on the heals of my desires.


GROVER  on the Throne

How do I get involved ?

Interested in learning more about PETITE a STUDIOS or Katrina Zarate? Contact me, I am always open to feedback, ideas, questions, collaboration, and new projects. 

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