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Katrina Zarate is a North Portland based artist. Working in Oil, Acrylic, and Copic mediums her work focuses on community. Recently she completed a project where she painted the winter residents of Creede Colorado. Currently her work is centered around Portland communities and attempts to highlight the many local talent in the city.

Katrina begin her career after suffering from Retinal Detachment which resulted in a multitude of surgeries and changes to her vision. The experience showed her many different types of sight and resulted in her deep respect for the visual arts. 

She is currently a member of Artistic Portland, an arts cooperative with a storefront in downtown Portland and Alberta Street gallery, an arts cooperative located in the thriving Alberta Arts  district.  She has also worked for the last 5 yrs instructing paintings for Paint Nite, a company that hosts painting parties in many local bars and restaurants. With over 750 events to-date she enjoys sharing the love of art with people in her community.